The post that got lost

I did write a long post for the New Year but it got deleted when I pressed ‘photo’ on this new wordpress site, show’s how long I haven’t used it!

I was talking about resolutions and how I tend not to set myself any as I know I’ll try hard at first and then I’d slack! However I do want to try and get fit so I was considering joining a gym, though I’ve not convinced myself yet as I am terrible with exercise. I can only jog for 10 minutes before the pain kicks in, I can only stay in the gym and use the treadmill and cross-trainer for 30 minutes before I get tired and bored! The only exercise I can endure for a long period of time, 2 hours 30 minutes to be exact is Lindy Hop. I enjoy this but I don’t enjoy how late it ends because I have to wake up really early the next day. The main reason I was considering the gym was because I really love using the spa, I enjoy the steam room the most, especially the ones with menthol.

Me: I might join the gym.

Me: Actually I might join the gym’s spa.

BF: More like the gym restaurant!

Me: Too true!


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