Charity shop finds

After doing the chores around the house, which included hanging out the washing twice! I risked hanging it outside while it was overcast and low and behold after 20mins or so it started to rain!

I had a few errands to run so I put on my wellies and  grabbed my umbrella and headed down the road. After the errands I popped into my four local charity shops for a browse. The first thing I picked up was a job lot of dress patterns and reels of cotton, I wasn’t sure whether to get them as they are vintage sizes but after checking out the measurements I think it’ll be the right size for me. I also bought a brand new box to put my reels of cotton in, I couldn’t resist the matryoshka doll print.


2 thoughts on “Charity shop finds

  1. Ooh love the box and your charity shop finds, who throws away cotton? It’s so useful! Looking forward to seeing what you make from the dress patterns!

    • I think it must be an attic clear out at some old women’s house? I have already made the skirt (in the pic, last one, bottom row) although I need to adjust the hip as it sticks out a bit too much for my liking.

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