What shoes?

I’m off to a wedding in a few weeks and I have already planned what I will be wearing. A few months ago I made a dress, I was putting my fashion degree to good use! I really should put in more effort with being creative in my free time, though saying that I have been cutting out hundred of triangles to make a quilt.

The Rose Dress (I’ve changed the straps from spaghetti straps to thicker one as I think it makes my top half broader with spaghetti straps, too much skin showing):

I need to find some shoes that will go with my dress. I have a few pairs but I kind of what something new! I will make do with an old pair if I can’t find anything I like.  I’m leaning towards wedges, maybe something like this from ASOS

…or these red ones from Office, though does this one look too casual and too bright?


2 thoughts on “What shoes?

  1. the red ones are gorgeous! they would make a great statement 🙂

    ryc – the benefit creaseless shadow birthday looks like shimmery taupe in the jar but actually much lighter in real life. more a of very light taupe-cream kinda shade

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