Summer’s coming

I had a few errands to run today, I decided to use my bike to do them since it was such a nice day today! I rode in about 3 miles and because I haven’t been riding much I did feel the pain at times. It was good to do some exercise as I don’t really do that much (I go to lindy hop once a week).  When I arrive I had a look around the shops and filled my bike basket with all sorts! I had in there pastries, tomato & chilli plant, clothes and a charity shop handbag.

Here’s a picture of my bag:

I don’t really like lilac but I do like the shape and ostrich leather. I’ll ignore the lilac!


4 thoughts on “Summer’s coming

  1. I really like the print on your dress but that bag is lovely! I can’t believe some people manage to find such lovely things in charity shops. It just NEVER happens to me!

    • I think you need to go to a few different charity shops, there are some better than others. The dress is by Henry Holland, it was in the sales for £10. The stitch quality isn’t great but I really liked the print! X

  2. The bag looks lovely, I know what you mean about lilac. as a colour I love it, but on clothing I think it looks to old for me and wish I could pull it off. The dress is lovely, Henry Holland does lovely prints I just always think on me his clothes are a bit short (and im only 5 ft 3).

    The doctor thinks it could be that yes, but also thought it might be something else as a lot of the symptoms seem more than that, especially the stomach swelling as large as it is with certain foods.
    Tell me you didn’t read all that rant through? haha 🙂 x

    • I read most of it 🙂 haha
      I’m the same height! I wore thick leggings with that dress. Dresses these days are getting shorter and shorter, it’s quite ridiculous really.
      I have a dislike for lilac, reminds me of horrid weddings! Brides always choose lilac, or purple! Eeewww.

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