Gangsters and Molls Swing Dance

Yesterday was a day I was looking forward to for months as it was the day my holiday would begin and also it was the night of the swing ball. I was thinking about my outfit for a while, I didn’t want to go down the fancy dress route as I hate the cheapness of the fabric and the cut. I wanted something that I’d feel comfortable in and also nothing cheesy! I had a dress from a company that I did worked at years ago in the buying department. I immediately thought of this dress as it was in the style of the 1920s as it had a drop waist. I wasn’t keen on spending much money so I stuck with this dress, it is rather plain (black) so I knew I needed to jazz it up a bit with accessories such as a head-piece.  I made the head-piece out of velvet ribbon, sequin motif and 2 feathers. Here are some pictures (ignore floor boards, they still need painting!):


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