I am happy today

I woke up to lovely weather which has put me in a good mood. I was able to put the washing out on the line, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now but since the weather has not been warm enough I wasn’t able to. I hate drying my clothes in doors. There is just not enough from in the airing cupboard.

Whilst my clothes were in the machine I decided to walk down to the shops as I needed a new washing line. The current one snapped but I was able to put it up temporarily by tying it to my apple tree branch! Anyway I wasn’t able to get the washing line I wanted so I popped into the local charity shops for a wander. I do this every so often when I’m in the village and I never really come away with much. However today I bought a book and some unworn plimsolls!The plimsolls will come in handy for Lindy Hop. I wear my white Keds for Lindy Hop and have been wanting a black pair to match what I wear when I go to social dances. These aren’t Keds (they are from primark) but I’m sure they will fine.

I received my friend’s invite for her wedding today, isn’t it cute! 🙂

This is what I wore today, I didn’t even have to wear a jacket!

But I did wear tights!


9 thoughts on “I am happy today

  1. Oh love the dress, the colours are really pretty! Oh and your friends wedding, so grown up- I remember the days when I used to just get party invites as a kid…but things are definitely different now. I should also make use of the charity shops near me, I definitely should look into buying books from there!

    • Thanks for the comment on the dress :).
      I love charity shops, there’s usually a bargain to be had! I always get books from charity shops, paperback novels are pricey these days! I remember when they were no more than £2.99!

  2. i adore the dress you wore, such a pretty pattern and i love the muted yet bright colours. i love buying books from charity shops, i hardly ever buy them full price anymore!

    thank-you for your lovely comment. we unfortunately don’t have any cv in my charity shop which is a shame. xx

  3. second hand books are the best! i tend to go on massive book binges on holiday where they have better charity shops 🙂 the purple tights are a lovely pop of colour! xx

    • Thanks for the comment on the tights 🙂 I find that I dresses are getting shorter so feel uncomfortable wearing this dress without tights!
      I got lots of decent second hand books, they are the best buys!

    • I know that it’s a film but have no idea what it’s about which is good as I don’t want to have any preconceptions of it. So far so good! x

    • Yes, I’m enjoying it so far, it’s very easy reading! Will need to finish my other book (New York) after, it’s soooo thick! x

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