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8 TV shows I watch… (or watched but not on anymore)
1: Mad Men
2: Grey’s Anatomy
3: Malcolm in the middle
4: The Family (Indian family)
5: Grey’s Anatomy
6: Cooking programmes
7: Gardeners World
8: Something for the weekend

8 Favourite places to eat… (in no particular order)
1: Local Indian Restaurant
2. Byron Burger, Wardour Street
3: Japanese Centre in Piccadilly
4: Chinatown, London
5: Hare & Tortoise in Ealing
6: Japanese take-away food place on Argyle St, Covent Garden
7. Best Mangal in West Kengsington
8. Blue Jade Thai Restaurant in Victoria

8 Things I look forward to…
1: Weekends
2: Long breaks from work
3: Hot weather
4: Lie-ins & naps
5: Watching Grey’s Anatomy tucked up in bed
6: Lindy Hop
7: Returning home from work to be greeted by Mr GHF and a cuppa tea, oh and Ziggy
8: Christmas

8 Things that happened yesterday…
1: Gave Lindy Hop a miss and stayed in instead
2: Counted the money we raised for comic relief
3: Made beef, mushrooms, spring onions, chili, coriander and ginger burgers
4: Bought 4 Easter eggs
5: Watched Grey’s Anatomy in bed
6: Looked at a few blogs
7: Had vanilla cheesecake with fresh blueberries but managed not to eat all mine!
8: Got fed up of job

8 Things I love about winter…
1: Using the fireplace
2: Snow (& snow days!)
3: Making mulled wine
4: Wrapping gifts
5: Wearing comfy warm jumpers
6: Wearing my Joules wellies
7: Eating hearty comfort foods
8: Christmas

8 Things on my wish list…
1: Someone completing all our home DIY tasks
2: Ziggy getting more confidence
3: Slimmer and toned bod!
4: Improve my Lindy Hop dancing
5: Have enough money for wedding and honeymoon
6: Own cake business
7: Have a better garden that looks pretty
8: New car, ideally a Nissan Figaro or Fiat 500

8 Things I’m passionate about…
1: Eating
2: Making things
3: Family & Mr GHF & Ziggy
4: Summer
5: Photography
6: Vintage
7: Lindy hop
8: Friends

8 Words or phrases I use a lot…
1: Really!
2: Wow
3: Yum
4: I’m hungry
5: I need a nap
6: Good boy Ziggy

8 Things I’ve learnt from the past
1: You can only rely on yourself
2: Spend more time with parents
3: Don’t leave things to the last minute!
4: Trust your instincts, it’s usually right.
5: Learn to let go of people who don’t put in the same amount of effort in your friendship
6: Don’t give up, keep trying
7: Have integrity, don’t sit on the wall
8: Stay away from really negative people, they will zap out all your positivity!

8 Places I would love to visit…
1: Japan (Want to go there for our foodie honeymoon)
2:  New York (I’ve been before as a teenager but would like to go again to eat bagels and pancakes!)
3:  Portland (for the vintage)
4:  Taiwan (for the night markets and to visit a friend)
5:  South of France (for the warm weather and French food)
6: Sweden (for the fashion, design and architecture)
7: Canada (for the laid-back atmosphere and friendly people)
8:  Iceland (for the steam baths and northern lights)

8 Things I want or need…
1: Eyebrow pencil
2: New bra
3: A holiday
4: Vintage clothing
5: Garden bench
6: A pug
7: More plants
8: New kitchen


8 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Ah some of your favourite things are mine too. Totally agree with Japan and Taiwan being places to visit…it’s all about the foood (and er…culture too!). I’ve been to Canada when I was in school- I went to Quebec and had ski lessons (I was rubbish but figured my parents would never ever take me) and wish I had appreciated Niagra Falls more! I was like, it’s just a big waterfall- what a naive kid I was!

    • My cousin in HK always go on holiday to Taiwan and Japan, which is understandable because it’s close by. Whenever I go back to HK they say we should go to Japan/Taiwan but it’s quite pricey paying for ticket to HK and then forking out more money to go to Japan/Taiwan! I’ve been to Toronto and Ottawa, it was lovely, I’d like to visit Vancouver. I’ve visited Niagara Falls (USA side), it was fun but wasn’t nice getting soaked on the boat! Need a holiday now!

  2. just wanted to say thanks for the comment.

    sounds like you’re from London?? I was checking out your restaurant list 😀

    RYC feel free to email me about anything about weddings abroad – i’ll do my best to answer. Are you getting married?

    • I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it wouldn’t work so I’ll leave it here:
      awww, you look lovely. For some reason I thought you were already married?? How long were you in Hawaii for?
      ps, I’ve email you. x

    • I never caught Greys from first ever series so I got the ones from the very beginning and have been catching up since December. I love it. I can’t decide if I like it more than Mad Men though! haha. x

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