Bread and butter

I made bread and butter pudding last night to eat after dinner. I served it with custard and boy was it filling!! As it was cooking my kitchen was filled with the aroma of cinnamon, I love cinnamon. I used a BBC recipe but tweaked it a bit by using more cream and omitted the nutmeg because Mr GHF is not too keen on it. It an easy and tasty dish to make, I highly recommend it if you’re in a rush and have nothing in.


4 thoughts on “Bread and butter

    • It’s an effortless pud to make, you should do it! Let me know if you like it now. I hide the sultanas in the layers of bread as we don’t like it when they burn if they are scattered on top.
      I’ll take part in the questionnaire 🙂
      How’s your job search? x

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