Please get warmer

I’m not well. I have a terrible cold which is my 3rd since Xmas, I can’t believe my immune system is not very strong at the moment. I have been a little stressed and have been trying to make difficult decisions which I’ve still not made yet, but I do have a few weeks to do it.

On Tuesday I came home shattered after a night of lindy hopping. Although it was tiring I really enjoyed it. I was able to practice some Charleston moves which included the famous 1920 classic steps:

Mr GHF has finally trained Ziggy to use the proper cat bed. Ziggy usually curls up into it snuggly but sometimes he enjoys sticking out one leg! He is so cute! You may notice the floor is a bit ugly with paint marks on the wooden boards, this is what we discovered when we pulled up the carpet when we moved in. We are yet to paint the floor white! I’m not looking forward to this as I’m sure this will disrupt Ziggy and possibly stress him out. I wonder what pet owners do with their pets when they redecorate their homes? Any tips?


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