A few weekends ago we went into town for a wonder and discovered a new cafe . The cafe was a HK style bubble tea place which is a rarity where I live. I was happy to see that it had a few customers which included 2 British kids! They were buying some milkshakes I think. I’d be impressed if they tried the bubble tea! I had my first Bubble Tea in 1999 when I was in HK on vacation.

Bubble tea if you are unfamiliar is a popular drink that originated in Taiwan, it was then brought over to many other South Asian countries like HK and Singapore etc. The drink consists of tapioca balls (often black in colour, though you can get white ones), syrup and milky tea. This is the basic bubble tea, there are many variations. I ended up ordering the Hokkaido Milk Bubble Tea, though I quite like the taro version too.

Do you remember this? I loved this when I was younger!


5 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Ah yes! There is a newish Cafe in China town in Birmingham and then another restaurant that started selling bubble tea too. Love it! I like taro flavour too but the best flavours are definitely back in Asia. I had black sesame flavour once, delicious but er…black bits all over your teeth? Not so hot haha!

    I used to get the chocolate bars that had the little crackle stuff inside, is it anything like Fizz Wizz? x

    • YAYYYYY weekend!
      Yeh I think it’s the same crackly product. But Fizz Wizz is better, 100 more times crackly! hahaaa

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