Last week’s week off

Last week I spend around 1.5 hours in a fabric shop because I could no choose a fabric for my dresses! I can’t believe it took me such a long time, I kept going back and forth. There were some lovely prints but not all prints look good as dresses. What do you think?

Talking of prints remind me of my tight purchase from TK maxx. They were House of Holland tights and cost me £4. The print/pattern is of little black houses on flesh tone (though in the photo it looks white). I do feel a bit barmy wearing houses all over my legs but I find it funny. I’m strange, I know!

I am so happy it’s the weekend! I had an awful day at work today but I feel better when I got home to my bff (best friend fiance (haha)) and ziggy. Oh and the hour nap and then cream patisserie helped. 🙂 I have another Lindy Hop social dance this weekend, it should be fun as I get to see my friends. I hope you all have a fab weekend.


7 thoughts on “Last week’s week off

  1. Oooh that looks like a great fabric shop! Loving the fun prints. Adore HOH tights but my star ones that I bought recently are a nightmare. I’ve had to sew them up in several places already (thankfully hidden). The TKmaxx heads up on the tights is awesome, gotta check my local store out for much cheaper options!

    • It’s great that TKmaxx had them, but there weren’t many styles. I’m not very careful with my tights (I machine was them) and so far the HoH tights are still in one piece. Do you wash yours by hand?

  2. Where is that fabric shop? It looks incredible! I need to find some to go to (that dont mean travelling into london- although there great, far to expensive for my measley budget). what fabrics did you buy in the end?
    Great print on the dress (wearing when showing the tights), and yes occasionally a few freebies can be nabbed, more so than not for mothers/older relatives though xx

    • It’s near where I now live. I bought the red fabric with polka dots and rose buds (in previous posts) it’s going to be another vintage style dress… when I get the energy! Did you receive my email? There’s cheap fabric shops along Shepherds Bush, Goldhawk Rd. Might be hard to find cute fabric but you never know! 3 more days until the weekend! x

  3. just got your email by the way (cant seem to work anything), so sorry its taken me a week! I kept checking and nothing came through.

    Oh lovely, will it be the same dress as before or just another vintage style one. Ive been to sherpards bush when I was at uni, had a fairly good selection, also loved visiting the cloth house, couldn’t afford it though! Student money!

    I love wherever this shop is, looks fantastic! Counting down.. 1 day now 🙂 x

  4. I l ove these photos! Makes we want to go buy yards and yards of fabric. Also, the last picture is adorable. mixing prints like that :] really sweet.

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