What do you think?

So here it is, my 3 day dress. I started this on a late Friday afternoon and completed it on Sunday early evening. I am quite pleased with it and look forward to wear it come spring.

I’m planning on making another dress…


8 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Really cute details and nice fabric. I’m tempted to buy some patterns so I can make dresses for myself now! It’ll probably take me more than three days to do tho. Well done x

  2. Thanks for the comment 🙂
    You should start sewing!! It’s really satisfying and cheaper than buying in terms of quality.

  3. It looks simple but I can see all the detail that went into it…ah…not so easy 😛

    Really like the print you chose, make more!! I wanna see! hehe

  4. This dress is great! I have a box of fabric and patterns waiting for me to reach for them (haven’t since graduating uni…from fashion….design and construction- stupid!), this has definately made me want to make some summer dresses 🙂
    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog, have let you know who Hailee Steinfield is xx

    • I know how you feel, I graduate 7 years ago and went straight into fashion buying so never really used a sewing machine in my job! I have always done bits and pieces like cushions, alterations, bags etc. I think after an intensive last year at uni plus graduate fashion week you need a 7 year break! haha 🙂
      I look forward to seeing some of your dresses! x

      • The comments email through to my email, well says i’ve had a response 🙂
        I graduated in 09 and went into product photography, jobs were scarce and it’s fun but not where I want to be, buying is what im trying to get into now, a new change, a new place etc. What are you doing career wise now? Did you enjoy buying? I think if I wanted any longer i’d forget my skills, im already trying to remember everything! If i ever make anything (probably way in the future) i’ll let you know x

  5. Hey! I’m still not sure how the replies work on here, by the way the fruit on the post above looks yummy! If i could email you that’d be great! Do you have an email address anywhere, I can’t find it on here (probably haven’t looked properly!) lol. I’m applying various places, guess i’d just like to know a bit more about the role, it seems interesting and i’ve done my research and found it interestnig at uni etc. I know the buying team at my work now (no job vacancies here) and they all enjoy it etc.
    I should probably email all this! That’s lovely that you’ve now gone into teaching, i’ll have to find out more about it 🙂 xx

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