9 hours later…

I have completed the bodice of the dress! I started this yesterday around 4.30pm after buying the pattern and fabric, it took me a while to decide on what size to cut out as I didn’t know whether to go for my RTW dress size or follow the pattern measurements sizing guide.

This has taken me back to my Uni days, I haven’t really properly made clothing since then, I graduated in 2004 so that is 7 years ago!

Ps, If you read this and you are human can you leave me a message? I seem to have only robots reading this?! My traffic seems to come from auto-finance websites and the likes! STRANGE!


4 thoughts on “9 hours later…

  1. Wow Min!! That bodice is so nice…did you actually pleat it in a wavey manner… I wish I knew how to make dresses too. I just want basic styles too but in diff prints!! Maybe I should learn? Think of all the money I could save. hahaha

  2. Thanks for the comment LC! So it does seem like all my hits are from robot!
    Yep I did all the pleating and darts! It’s fairly simple but everything seems to take a lot of time! I particularly HATE the laying and cutting the patterns! I did it on the floor and my body ached for 2 days!
    You should defo learn, and chart your progress like me! xxx

  3. Ah now it sounds too hard…hehe plus I don’t even have a sewing machine!! I think I will eventually give it a go, I would love to make my clothes… buy nice fabrics etc… my style is usually very simple anyways!

    You should do it on a table next time, would be really bad for your back to do it on the ground.

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