Fabric Shopping

Today I spent far too long searching for fabric to make into a dress (using the pattern I bought from the vintage shop). There were some lovely prints but I just could not envision myself wear the lovely prints as I feel some prints look like as cushions but would not look good worn!

I ended up being quite conservative with my choice and came away with this:

I also have been wanting to make myself a quilt for some time and found some a cute pack of fabric:

After fabric shopping I went and had a look in the charity shops nearby but came away with nothing, but I did come away from M&S with their great £10 meal deal, croissants and redcurrant puffs! I love M&S, the offer is great, you get a main, sides, dessert and wine all for £10! We’ll have that tomorrow as I have already planned tonight’s dinner. In the fridge at the moment are some ribs sitting in my chinese style honey and soy marinade.

Right I better finish off my Victoria Sponge, I left it to cook and now I think it’s ready for the cream and raspberry jam in the middle.

I am happy:


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