Busy few months

After Xmas my weekends have been busy which can be a bit too much at times as I’m the type of girl who needs some me time. I need time to relax, lounge about and wake up when I feel I’ve had enough sleep!
Most of my weekends have been filled with cat searching (from rescue centre), family and lindy hopping. Last Saturday we were finally able to collect our cat as we passed the RSPCA home check.

Our new cat is called Ziggy, his full name is Ziggy Stardust after David Bowie because our Ziggy has two different coloured eyes. He was really well behaved on the first day, however on Sunday he had diarrhea and worst was to come on Monday when he was weeing blood! I suspected it was cystitis after some internet research so we took him to the vet (this was only day 3!). The rescue centre was no help really but since they get no funding I kind of understood, though it would be good to get a few weeks worth of after care!

The vet came across friendly however all the products he pushed upon on was ridiculously expensive! We came out £95 poorer (it was more expensive than the cat itself, the adoption fee was £40). The vets products (Royal Canin urinary dry food) and feliwell (a plug-in scent to relax cats by giving off pheromones) did not really work. Why was the vet advising us to feed him dry food when he needs a lot of fluids to help his cystitis? He still kept going to the loo every 5 minutes! So we have been taking advice from other cat lovers, special thanks to Gemfatale.


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