Pets aren’t just for Xmas!

Well this one was just for Xmas! We were looking after this little dog for a family friend over Xmas for 3 days. He was such a cutie! I’ve been wanting a pet for a few years now but because I’ve never had pets growing up I’m scared I won’t be able to look after them well enough. I worry that they might be hard to look after and I don’t want to be that person who gets a pet and then get rid of it! I would love a pug but I definitely cannot afford one, the price tag ranges from £500-£1000! At the moment I’m looking to go to a rescue centre to find myself a little kitty. I quite like Persians, Ragdolls, British short haired, Scottish Folds or just a non pedigree ginger tom or tabby.


4 thoughts on “Pets aren’t just for Xmas!

  1. Aww I’ve never had a pet either so for me, the very thought of having a pet is hard to get my head around! Though if you want one so much then you’ll be fine looking after it! This little dog is a cutie!

  2. Winnie: Thanks, we are looking into adopting a cat!
    Nic Nic: Thanks! She is a very sweet dog and loves everyone! I want a pet that’s nice to everyone, you get some pets who aren’t that friendly!

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