I made this…

On Sunday I made these little dumplings called ‘Wor Teep’ (Cantonese) or they are also know as Gyoza in Japanese. These are supposed to be little I made them a tad bigger because I put too much filling in them, but they are just as tasty! These are typically made with minced pork mixed with spring onions, chinese cabbage and chinese mushrooms wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough. It is then folded in half and neatly crimped to seal the edge before pan frying for a crispy finish. Just before popping into the mouth it is usually dipped into a mixture of soya sauce and rice wine vinegar.

I have to say that most people would go out and buy the dough wrapper in China Town but because I didn’t just want to take a trip there just for wrappers I decided to make my own. It took a long time rolling these out into 10cm diameter round discs! I had to redo more than half at one point because as I was doing them I piled them up on top of each other and some stuck to each other as there was not enough flour sprinkled to stop sticking! My arm was aching so much but this was also because of too much Wii gaming! Anyway here are some pictures to prove I made it from scratch!! I was in the kitchen for over 2 hours or more I’m sure!

Wrapper making



All mixed up

Ready to wrap

Ready to cook

Dinner time!


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